ROUND UP - Lucky Horseshoe

$ 195.00

"ROUND UP" hangs by worn leather and is a true cowgirl's delight!  (Or cowboy).  4 sterling silver pieces adorn this shoe in the form of a saddle, a cowboy hat, a cowboy boot and a star.  We also added some authentic turquoise stones to give a rustic touch to the bling of the many turquoise Swarovski crystals.  At the bottom center of this shoe is yet another great piece that has a horse head inside of a horseshoe and can be used to put mini dried flowers in or it looks great just as it is.  This shoe is also done on one of our most complicated finishes.  Our rusty shoes begin as just that, a rusty shoe.  They are then taken down to the original steel and then "re-rusted" and sealed using an 8 step process.

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